Inspired by the Now pages of Derek Sivers and many others, I’ve created this list of some things I’m working on now. (Most recent update: July 31, 2022).

One of my Now projects is redoing this website, which I’m chipping away at, little by little.

Publishing Work

I work as a book editor at the International Society for Technology in Education, where I get to collaborate with very cool authors on very cool books, like:


Mysteries and graphic nonfiction.


Mysteries and graphic nonfiction.

Angel Investing

I evaluate and invest in for-profit social ventures founded and run by women, a pursuit I started under the auspices of Pipeline Angels. My current investments are Goalsetter, CNote, and Cosynd, and I’m very proud of all of them.

Other Things

  • I’ve been volunteering with Braver Angels, helping to organize workshops and manage participants. The goal is get Americans talking, so that they can discover all that they still have in common.
  • I volunteer with the Portland Neighborhood Emergency Team program. If there’s a big earthquake, come find me. I’ll know where the Band-Aids are. We also sewed a lot of face masks during the first year of the pandemic, and I have a challenge coin to prove it.
  • Another project that started during the pandemic: I’ve become a very good baker–all vegan, no sugar.